SpeedyMoto Frame Slider Systems are the strongest available on the market today. The
system is comprised of not only superior HDPE plastic sliders, but also an exceptionally strong
infrastructure. Since Ducatis utilize the engine as a stressed member of the chassis, the motor
mounts and fasteners contribute greatly to the overall rigidity of the bike. This requires a
tough engine bolt and fasteners.


The SpeedyMoto frame slider kit includes an extremely durable chromoly steel engine
bolt. Precision-ground and quenched and tempered to an aircraft grade tensile strength
of 230,000 psi, our bolt far surpasses OEM specs (as well as other manufacturers) in both
strength and wearability.


We employ stainless steel for the integral engine nuts and slider support, not unlike the
high-strength engine bolts used by Ducati race teams. Corrosion resistant and strainhardened
stainless steel is ideal for the crucial applications of holding your motor in, supporting the entire chassis, and providing a reliable platform for the actual slider.


SpeedyMoto uses High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic for the slider puck. Unlike other plastics, the unbelievably low friction coefficient of this plastic makes it practically glide on the pavement. By making use ofthis material, the risk of 'grabbing' is reduced, avoiding turning a smooth lowside into the dreaded highside.

Don't want to drill holes in your expensive bodywork? Exclusive! The Purveyors
of Fine Speed Metal offer you the same quality that's in our standard frame
sliders in an exclusive Under-the-Bodywork frame Slider Kit.


  • No need to cut holes in your expensive bodywork.
  • Helps protect the vulnerable components under your bikes bodywork.
  • Looks better and retains the clean lines of your Ducati.
  • Easier and quicker to install.


Our under-the-bodywork frame slider system takes advantage of the bodywork, by using it as an integralcomponent in aiding the damage control process. The proven mushroom-shaped slider pucks mates with theinner body panel, creating a large reinforced structure that spreads impact force along the body panel. As aresult, the dispersed force of impact causes less damage to any one point of the motorcycle.

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