SpeedyMoto Ducati clutch covers are artfully machined out of strong T6
billet aluminum, and ready-made for the street or the track.

The majority of SpeedyMoto clutch covers are engineered to protect your
costly Ducati clutch assembly from crash damage. All our clutch covers
feature wall profile thickness that tapers from 5mm at the base to 4mm at
the face. Reliefs are built in at the bottom to allow water to drain after a
wash or a ride in the rain. SpeedyMoto clutch covers are the strongest
covers you can buy. Although strength is our first priority, the beauty of
the design cannot be denied.

Most designs feature large vents to aid in cooling the clutch through the
toughest street or race conditions as well as recessed pockets to protect
bolt heads in the event of a crash. Choose from various styles to suit your
taste and desired level of protection. SpeedyMoto offers 6 styles in your
choice of 3 anodized finishes: Clear, ti-grey, and black. Our clutch covers fit
all dry-clutch Ducatis.

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