Best LED Lights For Motorcycles – Complete 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 27, 2021

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Whether you are a beginner or long-time motorcyclist, you might have had problems with the stock lighting system on your motorcycle being unreliable due to dimming, being of average beauty, or reduced visibility on the road. 

With the best LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights for motorcycles, you can enjoy all-around reliability, improved bike aesthetics, and enhanced visibility on the road. 

This article explores some of the best LED light solutions for motorcycles to enhance your overall biking experience. 

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle LED Lights

  • Two blinking styles to control with 24-key remote
  • With a maximum brightness of 1,000 lumens per meter
  • Coming with an independent music mode
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  • Offering a performance of up to 30,000 hours
  • With a multicolor mode to beat with the rhythm
  • Highlighted by three different control methods
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  • Best for the Money
  • For all season use with waterproof coating
  • Perfect for both passenger cars and motorcycles
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  • Best Led Motorcycle Tail Light
  • Featuring a reliable smoke lens
  • Universal fit working on a 12V battery
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  • Best Motorcycle Underglow Led Light Kit
  • Simple to install with adhesive tape strips
  • Highlighted by an innovative red brake function
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  • Best LED Motorcycle License Plate Light
  • Featuring a waterproof design for increased longevity
  • Energy efficient diodes made to last
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  • Best Motorcycle Led Tail Light Turn Signal Combo
  • Suitable for versatile use on front/rear signals
  • Easy mounting with pre installed adhesive tape
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Characteristics of Our Favorite LED Lights For Motorcycles

As with any other product you buy, you must look out for several factors or characteristics to ensure you make the best choice as per your needs. 

The key characteristics of the LED lights we have chosen include color multiplicity, shock and waterproofing, multiple usages, and type of control system. Let's take a detailed look at these factors below. 

Color Multiplicity

The most important reason for using LED lights on your motorcycle is to enhance your safety on the road. However, they can be an excellent aesthetic addition to your bike. LED lights are beautiful when used the proper way. 

The use of different colors helps add beauty to your motorcycle.

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Depending on the brand, solid, dimmable, or flashing color systems can be used. The most common colors include red, green, yellow, brown, and white. 

The dimming, static, and flashing modes add to the bike's aesthetics and help you control the brightness of the lights so that they cannot blind you or other motorists. 

You can even get a LED lights system with varying lighting effects that allow you to merge your music setup with beat-dancing lights to make your bike stand out all the time. 

Besides using LED lights for decorative purposes, you can use them for safety. White light is suitable as a license plate light and for general riding, while the yellow light is suitable as a fog light. Red lighting is good for braking solutions to ensure other motorists can easily see your bike's moves. 

Shock, Rust, and Waterproofing

Since LED lights are electrical components, there is every reason to ensure they stay fully operational by ensuring they remain resistant to shocks, rusting and water damage.

Waterproofing is important as it ensures that strip LED systems do not fall off the bike. It also helps prevent water damage through a mishap like short-circuiting due to water cleaning or bike usage on foggy or rainy days. 

The battery is a crucial component of the entire lighting system and has to be waterproof to prevent short-circuiting and consequential damage to the LED lights. 

Making the entire LED lights setup shockproof is important as well. 

Loosely fixed LED kits are prone to damage or disconnection when the motorcycle encounters shock-inducing activities such as abrupt braking, potholes, or bumpy rides. Shocks may also cause the lights to go off frequently. 

Plastic and aluminum LED kits are excellent at avoiding rusting effects. 

Since the motorcycle is constantly exposed to water and air, some metallic elements are vulnerable to rusting. They eventually wear out and have to be replaced. Sometimes you have to throw the whole LED kit away. 

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Multiple Usage and Universality

You should check the nature of the usage plan of the LED kit. Motorcycle LED light kits may either come as flexible or fixed usage systems. 

LED strips are remarkable for their flexibility. You can use them best for decorative purposes since they rely on adhesive to stick on various bike parts. 

Some fixed LED light solutions for motorcycles include tail lights, brake lights, and headlamps. 

The fitment of the LED kit could be universal, which means that you can fix the system on different motorcycles. Such compatibility is excellent because you get real value for your money. You can easily change a kit from one bike to another if you own several of them.

The flexibility of strip LED lights makes them highly universal. You can stick them onto any kind of motorcycle as much as its shape allows. If a bike has fewer curves, the easier it is to fix the strips.

You can also consider multiple usages of an LED lights kit in terms of other motor vehicles you can use them on. Other than motorcycles, some kits are usable on SUVs, buses, boats, trucks, ATVs, golf carts, scooters, UTVs, and snowmobiles. 

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Type of Control System

One other major characteristic of a LED lights kit is the type of control system it uses. 

Manual control kits are rare and are usually standalone elements such as headlamps, taillights, license plate lights, and brake lights. Such standalone parts usually require no color or brightness manipulations. 

Most LED kits use either infrared (IR) or radiofrequency (RF) remote control. Some use both. The motorcyclist uses a remote to perform tasks such as controlling the music mode and changing the light mode between bright, dim, flashing, or solid color schemes. 

It's also possible to get LED light kits using smart control systems like smartphone apps with Bluetooth connectivity. Some kits even use apps, IR, and RF control systems all in one or simultaneously to reduce instances of connectivity and operational failures. 

Review of the Best Motorcycle LED Lights

This section reviews our top best motorcycle LED light picks for your consideration. Depending on where you want to put the light and the purpose it will serve, you will find a variety of lights for different purposes to fulfill your custom lighting needs. 

Best Overall:
DITRIO Underglow Light Kit 5824071253

DITRIO 12pcs Underglow RGB LED Strip Light Kit DC 12V with 2 Red Blinking Brake Light Styles for Motorcycles Trikes Golf Carts ATVs UTVs – M12r


  • Operated using a handy 24-key remote
  • Music-activated LED strip that follows the rhythm of your favorite music
  • Two additional blinking brake light styles to complement the solid red light mode
  • 12-piece LED kit with 60 lights per meter for optimum illumination all around the bike
  • Has gold bonding wires that have 30% higher electrical conductivity to ensure maximum brightness


  • Has too many parts that might be challenging to install


Brand: Ditrio

Colors: Multiple

Voltage: 12 volts DC

Fitment: Universal


The Ditrio Underglow LED light kit is an excellent choice for you because of its many nice features. The kit comes with two remotes. The smaller remote is on a key chain, while the larger one is free. 

The kit has quick connectors that make it easy to connect its different parts, although this might be challenging at first since there are many parts. The connectors are beneficial in that you don't have to remove the lights when doing bike maintenance. 

Bottom Line

If brightness is among your top needs in a LED lights kit for your motorcycle, the Ditrio Underglow strip kit will serve you well. Made of gold bonding wires that have higher electrical conductivity than copper, the LEDs can shine brighter.

The strip is also waterproof and can universally fit on any bike, so you don't have to worry about compatibility with your motorcycle. 

AMBOTHER Motorcycle LED Light A-CL-01

AMBOTHER 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kits RGB Strips IR/RF Remote Control DC 12-Volt Waterproof Multicolor Underglow Neon Accent Glow Ground Effect Atmosphere Lights with Adhesives Clips


  • More than 30,000 hours of projected operational lifespan
  • Uses three control methods to ensure there are no connectivity issues
  • IP68 waterproof quality for durability and protection from water on rainy days
  • Universal fitment on various bikes through an adhesive stick-on application method
  • Multicolor strips with static, flashing, cyclic, and fading modes enabled to follow the rhythm of your music


  • Solder on power wires not strong enough to hold them tightly
  • Settings of the flat remote may be faulty and fail to navigate well between fading, strobe, flashing, and fade modes


Brand: Ambother

Colors: 18

Voltage: 12 volts

Fitment: Universal


The 12-piece Ambother motorcycle LED light kit comprises three sets of strips with different lengths. It has 18 colors with various operational modes that you can use as per your preference. 

The sound and triple-method color control system are a plus. You can synchronize the colors to follow the rhythm of the music you play to rest in a spectacular mix of music and color. 

Ambother 12-piece LED kit comes with a handy on-and-off wireless switch for turning the system on or off as necessary. 

Bottom Line

With its multiple color modes, music-color activation, and triple-control method, the Ambother 12-piece strip LED kit comes in handy for the tech-savvy user who wants an easy-to-operate lighting kit.

The triple-control system is excellent for ensuring that you have at least two options if any one of them fails.

Best for the Money:
Govee RGB Motorcycle LED Lights Kits

Govee RGB Motorcycle LED Lights Kits, 8 Pcs Neon Lights with 4-Key RF Remote Control, Music Sync & Multiple Scene Modes Underglow Motocycle Strip Lights, Dimmable, 12V, 18W


  • IP67 waterproof strips for longevity
  • Dimmable lights with five brightness levels
  • Includes clips to ensure the strips do not fall off the bike
  • Built-in high-quality mic for brilliant music-color activation
  • Operable using a simple 4-key radio frequency remote for color changing and music modes


  • Does not support color combinations
  • Does not allow for changing the frequency of the remote


Brand: Govee

Colors: Variable modes

Voltage: 12 volts DC

Fitment: Universal


The Govee RGB motorcycle LED kit uses a simple 4-key control remote for turning on and off, shifting between scene modes and music modes, changing colors, and adjusting the brightness. However, you can't combine multiple colors at once.

The kit fits universally on different motorcycles since it is a strip LED lighting system with an easy stick-on fixation method. 

Bottom Line

The Govee RGB LED lights kit allows you to change the brightness of the lights across five different levels as per your preference and the situation on the road. The kit's major downside is that it won't let you combine various colors at once.

Best LED Motorcycle Tail Light:
MISS MOLY Universal 28 LEDs

Universal 28 LEDs Motorcycle ATV Tail Light Brake Stop Lights For Suzuki Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Triumph BMW DR DRZ 650 400


  • One-piece with bright 28 LED lights
  • Universally fits different types of bikes
  • Easy to install by bolting directly onto the bike
  • Plastic cover waterproofs the LED lights to ensure durability
  • Two-color combination with 23 for the brake light and 5 for the license plate light


  • Might be a bit small for some bikes


Brand: Miss Moly

Colors: Smoke

Voltage: 12 volts DC

Fitment: Universal


The Miss Moly universal 28 LEDs light is a single-piece lighting solution for your bike that will fit in easily as you just have to bolt it on. It has two color modes with five lights for the license plate and the remaining 23 for the brake light. 

Bottom Line

Finding a functional and straightforward waterproof single-piece LED doesn't have to be complicated. The Miss Moly 28 LEDs piece will serve you well as both a license plate light and brake for enhanced visibility on the road.

Best Motorcycle Underglow LED Light Kit:
TACHICO RGB Smart IP67 Waterproof

TACHICO 8pcs Motorcycle LED Lights Kits, APP Control RGB Smart Brake IP67 Waterproof Accent Glow Neon with Dual RF Remote Control for Harley Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki


  • 20 multi-color variations for that relaxed scenic feel
  • Easy universal fitment on various bikes since it is a strip LED kit
  • Has an exclusive smart brake light that keeps your motorcycle visible
  • Features three control methods to ensure easy manipulation at any time
  • Comes with four optional music modes with lights synced with the beat of the music


  • App may not always connect with the LED kit


Brand: Tachico

Colors: 20 colors with 20 lighting effects

Voltage: 12 volts DC

Fitment: Universal


Yet another triple-control LED kit, the Tachico RGB IP67 underglow kit comes in handy for the tech-savvy user. The smartphone app control feature allows for operation from either Android or IOS phones, depending on the type you have. 

The kit is waterproof and can thus last you a long time without damage by water. 

Bottom Line

The smartness of the Tachico IP67 waterproof LED light kit makes it unique as it uses either Android or IOS app Bluetooth control. It also features music set up with four different modes that merge with the color system to make your motorcycle cool and scenic.

Best LED Motorcycle License Plate Light:

CZC AUTO 2PCS License Plate Light, License Tag Screw Bolt Lamp, 12V White LED Bulb, Waterproof/Rainproof, Black Aluminium Light Holder, Legal for Car Motorcycle Truck RV ATV Bike


  • Uses a rust-free and lightweight aluminum holder
  • Universal fitment on different types of motorcycles
  • Fully sealed to ensure it remains dust and water-proof
  • Easy to install by bolting and can directly replace license plate screws
  • Triple-core white lamp with low power consumption and long lifespan


  • Thin wires that break easily when you splice them to fit into an existing wiring harness


Brand: CZC Auto

Colors: White

Voltage: 12 volts

Fitment: Universal


The CZC Auto 13 license plate white LED light is an excellent addition to your bike for keeping the plate visible in low-light conditions. 

The installation process is simple since you use bolts to hold it in place. However, the wires are thin and may keep breaking as you slice them to fit into the bike’s wiring harness. 

Bottom Line

As a standalone LED piece, the CZC Auto 13 license plate light is easy to install and will serve you right if you find your way around the thin wires that break as you slice them to fit into the harness. For longevity, the aluminum holder and full seal casing come in handy.

Best Motorcycle LED Tail Light Turn Signal Combo:
Partsam Universal Light 4332997147

Partsam 2 x 4.5inch Motorcycle LED Third Brake Light Universal Tail Brake Stop Turn Signal Running Light Super Bright 6SMD Red LED Strip Light Bar


  • Fits universally on different bikes
  • Can be used either as front or back signals on any motorcycle
  • 4.5" long strip with six LEDs for maximum brightness and visibility
  • Stick-on tapes on the backsides of the strips allow for easy, stress-free installation
  • Color-coded connecting wires for easy differentiation between positive and negative


  • Both brake and turn signal won’t light at the same time


Brand: Partsam

Colors: Red

Voltage: 12 volts

Fitment: Universal


The Partsam universal motorcycle LED light kit features two separate pieces. One piece can be installed at the front and the other at the rear. As stick-on strips, they are easy to install. 

The color-coding on the wires makes it easy to identify them as red for positive and black for negative to help avoid misconnections. 

Bottom Line

Yet another easy-to-install LED kit, the Partsam brake and turn signal combo is handy when you require two separate LED lights for your bike's front and rear ends. However, they can only function one at a time and not simultaneously.

Best Motorcycle LED Fog Light:
SUPAREE Dual Color Auxiliary

SUPAREE Motorcycle Dual Color LED Fog Driving Lights Auxiliary Lights White High Beam Yellow Low Beam Spot DRL Light for Bike Polaris Yamaha Can Am ATV UTV, 30W, 6000ML (2 PCS)


  • Universal fitment on different motorcycles
  • Aluminum housing that is rust, shock, and impact-resistant
  • Sturdy stainless steel bracket to ensure the lights stay in place once installed
  • 360-degree adjustment capability for changing the direction of the light beam
  • Dual-color switchback between yellow light as the fog light and white light for driving


  • Can do better with a higher wattage


Brand: Suparee

Colors: White and Yellow

Voltage: 9-32 volts DC

Fitment: Universal


The Suparee motorcycle dual-color auxiliary LED light is a sturdy kit worth every buck. The kit's dual functionality eliminates the need to buy separate driving and fog lights. It has a closed-out design with a glass casing to ensure it remains dust and rust-free for longevity.

Bottom Line

The Suparee dual-color auxiliary LED light is an excellent accessory to have. Because it can change between white and yellow, you don't have to buy the driving light and fog light separately. The kit thus saves you money that you can dedicate to other essential motorcycle accessories.

Best Motorcycle LED Brake Light:
Keenso 8542089249

12V Universal 15 LED Motorcycle Rear Tail Light Brake Stop Running Tail Light ATV Dirt Bike (B)


  • Suitable for dirt bikes and motorcycles
  • Plastic casing to protect LEDs from water, dust, and shock
  • Easy to install as a replacement of an old or worn-out piece
  • Integrates running light and brake light, each with high brightness
  • 15 LEDs with a projected lifespan of 50,000 hours to last you a long time


  • Weak connection cables that may snap during or after installation


Brand: Keenso

Colors: Red

Voltage: 12 volts

Fitment: Universal


As a brake light, the Keenso motorcycle LED brake light can be installed on the rear of any dirt bike or motorcycle. It fits in well and has a simple installation process. 

While the plastic casing may not be the best due to its vulnerability to breakages upon impact, it serves its function right. It helps keep the LEDs dust-free. It also protects them from water damage

Bottom Line

Whenever your motorcycle brake light needs replacing, you can count on the Keenso LED brake light to save that day. It has a simple, straightforward design and is thus easy to install on your bike. 

If you do not keep bumping the rear of your bike against hard objects, this brake light will last you a long time of up to a projected 50,000 hours.

Why Choose LED Lights?

There are many reasons you should choose LED lights for your motorcycle. Curious enough? Let's see what some of these reasons are. 

Improved Safety

LED lights on a motorcycle are an excellent addition for enhancing your overall safety on the road due to the improved bike visibility. A motorcycle with LED lights on the frame or body can be easily spotted by other motorists, who can give way whenever necessary.

Crucial LED light bike components like the taillight, license plate light, and brake light come in handy for alerting other motorists of your movements or intentions on the road. They will thus consciously recognize and accommodate you riding alongside them.

A LED fog light comes in handy for ensuring fellow motorists can still see you even in the deep of the blinding fog despite the reduced visibility. 

A LED headlight lamp enhances your view of the road ahead due to its superior brightness so you see the road ahead in advance rather than abruptly, which helps you avoid mishaps and accidents that could easily ruin your bike or end your life. 

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LED light kits on a motorcycle are highly cost-effective. They consume less power than stock or traditional bike lighting systems, thus saving you the annoying need to recharge your accidentally drained battery often or having to buy a new one altogether.

Since most LED light kits have a long life expectancy of even up to 50,000 operational hours or more, you save on otherwise frequent purchase costs. 

Normally, you spend much more repairing and replacing faulty stock bike lighting systems.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Customizability

If you are a Do-it-yourself enthusiast who likes customizing items to add a personal touch, enhance the performance, or boost the aesthetics of an item, LED lights are a good bet for you. 

The best LED kits allow you to add that crucial personal feel to your motorcycle to make it different and unique from others. LED strip lights are particularly a good option here as they are easy to install on your bike in different locations of your choosing. 

LED lights make your bike beautiful when done the right way and in the right amount. Too many of them will be counter-effective. To use them for decorative purposes, you can select the best colors and color modes in line with your tastes. 

Top Brands in the LED Light Space

For most buyers, brands are a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing an item. You might want to learn of the most famous brands in the LED lighting sector so you can make a better decision. Here are some of the top brands in the LED light space. 


Ambother makes high-quality, universal LED light kits for motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, and trucks. 

The company's key win is that it makes kits with advanced smart control systems using smartphone apps. There are also remote control options with infrared or radio frequency functionality. 

Installing Ambother LED kits is easy since the strips have pre-installed adhesive. The kits come in varying sizes and numbers of pieces, usually 8 or 12. To ensure the durability of the kits, the company ensures they are waterproof and have a lifespan of over 30,000 operational hours. 

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As a high-technology optoelectronic company, Suparee makes high-quality LED lights for motorcycles. The company has its factory and office in China, with warehouses in Japan and the USA. 

The company's main products include LED conversion kits, rear-use bulbs, sealed beam lights, and driving lights. Some of the products have earned ROHS, EMC, SAE, and EMARK certification. 

For further customizability, you can request the company to engrave your logo on products like LED headlights. 

The company offers professional after-sales services and 12 months warranty against the manufacturer's defects, which Suparee says stand at an all-time low of 0%. 

Price Points of LED Lights

This article will be incomplete if we do not mention how much you should expect to pay for a good LED light kit. 

Take extra care when using pricing as a consideration when buying such lights. Even when you are on a tight budget, do not compromise on quality. 

LED lights usually come in the price ranges discussed below.

$5 - $50

This low price point should not dupe you into thinking that the LED lights are of poor quality. No. Generally, LED lights are pretty cheap. 

With LED lights in this category, you will enjoy good qualities such as multiple colors, music activation, multiple control systems, universal fitment, and more. 

Some of the common brands here include Govee, Tachico, CZC Auto, Suparee, Partsam, and Keenso. 

$50 - $100

Some of the critical features of LED kits in this category include advanced smart control systems using smartphone apps and Bluetooth, multiple colors, music mode, universal fitment, and waterproofing. 

You can expect to find products within this price range from brands like Suparee, Ambother, and Ditrio. 


You might come across LED lighting products with a price beyond $100. The features here may vary depending on the brand, but the most outstanding is smart control functionality using phone app Bluetooth systems.

Suparee has some LED kits for motorcycles that surpass the $100 mark. 

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How Do LED Lights Compare to Other Motorcycle Lights?

LED lights are an excellent alternative to traditional motorcycle lights, but how do they stack up against the latter? Let's see. 

LED Light vs Halogen Light


In a motorcycle, you can use both halogen and LED lamps with direct current (DC). The battery is the source of the current and connects directly to the headlight and other lights. 

Many bikes use the DC power system, meaning that you can directly replace a halogen light with a LED one. 

With an alternating current (AC) bike, you can still use LED lights, especially those that convert the AC to DC. If you buy a LED light that doesn't convert the power, you have to install a device to convert AC power to DC supply before it reaches the LED light. 


LED lights are way more superior compared to their halogen counterparts. They last about ten times longer and consume about 85% less electrical power. They are also brighter and can be controlled in different ways to change colors or color modes. 

To change the color or color mode in halogen lights, which is not common, you have to use colored objects placed against the light. LED lights have apps or remote control systems for changing colors and modes. 

Halogen lights emit high heat amounts, which can cause burns when touched. LED lights emit only about 10% of their energy in heat form and are thus safer to handle. 

While halogen lights last only 800 to 1,200 operational hours, LED lights last over 50,000 operating hours. Brightness levels are generally higher in LED lights, depending on the color and intended use of the light. 

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LED Light vs HID


Both LEDs and HIDs shine very brightly when used in headlights and are usually mistaken as hi-beams. They are usually too bright for other motorists and may lead to accidents if you do not control their brightness. 

In some places, LEDs and aftermarket HIDs are prohibited because of the excess glare. 


High-intensity discharge (HID) lights contain an inert gas in a glass casing. LED lights are a solid-state technology. As such, LEDs last about 10-25% longer than the HIDs or over 50,000 hours compared to the 10,000 to 25,000 of the HIDs. 

Color solutions are easier with LEDs than with HIDs. The former can produce a range of visible colors rather than the dependency on the material used to affect color temperatures in HID lights. 

HID lights are omnidirectional and emit light at 360 degrees. On the other hand, LEDs are directional and emit light for 180 degrees by default. 

HID lights require warm-up and cool-down periods to function well. LED lights are more automatic and have faster switching modes with no warm-up or cool-down times needed. 

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LED Lights on Motorcycle Laws

LED lights on motorcycles are allowed in most states. The main restrictions, where there are any, are based on the color and location of the LEDs on the bike. 

Many states require that the kits be concealed and should not include colors red or blue because law enforcement agencies like the police usually use these two. 

For example, the Alaska state legislature prohibits you from having a red light visible from the front, and you can't have a rotating or flashing light.

According to California neon underglow lights, you can't have a red color displayed at the front. Such light has to be predominantly yellow to white. Lights on the rear have to be predominantly red. 

Since laws on the use of LEDs on motorcycles vary from state to state, it is important to first check your state's specifications before installing lights on your bike. 

Are LED Lights On Motorcycle Legal?

LED lights on motorcycles are legal in most states. However, their legality remains valid as long as you keep them concealed, unlit on roads, and do not flash or include blue or red colors. 

Who Should Not Buy LED Lights?

Since LED lights are showy because of their high brightness, multiple colors, or flashing modes, they are not for you if you are a reserved person who enjoys inconspicuousness. If you like to keep things subtle, you should keep off LED lights on motorcycles. 

LED lights on a bike won't be a good fit if you have an excessive impulse for overly shiny or showy objects. The trouble with LEDs being too flashy is that more often than not, you'll end up with a law enforcement officer's ticket, if not injuries from accidents you cause. 

With LED motorcycle lighting, due diligence and moderation are key. If you cannot adhere to the stipulated regulations, you risk colliding with the law quite often, which can be nasty for you. 

Rather than take the risk of falling into the hands of the laws or compromising your safety and that of others on the road, you can forego LED lights for the traditional or stock HID or halogen lighting systems. They serve the same purpose, after all. 


DITRIO Underglow Light Kit 5824071253

Finding the best LED light kit for your motorcycle isn't the hard part. Staying in line with the regulations and laws governing the use of LEDs on motorcycles is the real task. 

You want to enjoy the three worlds of beauty, lawfulness, and safety. As such, you must ensure your choice of LED light kit is lawful, safe for you and other motorists, as well as beautiful enough to satisfy your desire for extra customizations and aesthetics. 

People Also Ask

The issue of LED lights on motorcycles can be a tricky one to navigate safely. You may have tens of questions on the proper usage of the lights. Let's consider some of the most common queries people ask about LED lighting. 

Do LED Lights Drain Motorcycle Batteries?

LED lights can drain your motorcycle battery. If you leave them on for about eight hours or over, your battery will drain. The drain duration can be shorter if you have excessively many lights on your bike. 

Ideally, when the motorcycle is off, the LED lights shouldn't drain your battery. If this happens, there could be a fault with your battery or the wiring system for the LED kit. 

To prevent the battery drain menace, some LED kits have a switch to kill the circuit. You can also disconnect them fully by manually cutting the power supply from the battery to the kit. Note that these are remedial measures to take before you fully diagnose the problem. 

Can I Put LED Bulbs In Halogen Fittings?

Since LED lights use a DC power supply, you can use LED bulbs in halogen fittings that also use DC. If your bike uses AC, you may buy LED bulbs that convert the AC to DC. 

Why Do I Need a Relay For LED Lights?

A relay is an electrical device for switching a circuit on or off, reversing the polarity, switching from a low-current trigger to a high current, among other uses. To add LED lights to your motorcycle, you will need a relay to add a circuit that will power the lights adequately.

What Size Fuse Should I Use For LED Lights?

The size of the fuse you use for LED lights depends on the wattage of the kit. For high wattage kits, you should use a stronger fuse and vice versa. 

For a 700 watts kit, for example, a 3A fuse will suffice. A 10A fuse would be ideal for more than four LEDs. The fuse protects the circuit from an overload and dead short. 

Govee RGB Motorcycle Led Lights Kits

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Halogen Downlights With LED Lights?

LED lights are relatively cheap. It won't cost you an arm and a leg to replace halogen downlights with LED lights. 

As seen earlier, the cost of LED kits ranges from as low as $5 to slightly over $100. The price may differ depending on the brand, features, the intended use, and the number of pieces in each kit. 

Can You Replace Standard Headlights With LED?

You can replace standard headlights with LED lights. However, you should be keen on the color to ensure you stay within the confines of your state's laws. As mentioned earlier, yellow and white are okay. But you have to rule out red and blue. 

Can You Put LED Lights on a Motorcycle?

You are allowed to put LED lights on a motorcycle. However, you have to be careful as to what colors you use and where you place them. 

Where to Place LED Lights on a Motorcycle?

You can put LED lights on a motorcycle in different locations, such as the brake light, license plate light, wheels, and headlight. The ideal location is where you can conceal them, especially if your state requires you to conceal them to avoid blinding other motorists.

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