Motorcycle Camping Gear List: 2021 Guide Must-Have Supplies

| Last Updated: February 8, 2021

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Nothing beats riding your motorcycle out into the wild, finding a picturesque spot, and plunking down for a couple of nights.

With the ability to cover ground faster than an RV, car, or truck, it’s no secret that a motorcycle is an ideal option to find breathtaking out-of-the-way places for some R&R.

Today, we’ll walk you through an essential motorcycle camping gear list that is the ultimate game-changer in keeping you comfortable without taking up too much space on your bike. Read on!

Our Top Motorcycle Camping Gear Picks

  • A wide range of hex keys included in the set
  • Up to 3 spoke wrenches for easy breakdown option
  • 13 and 14mm open-end wrench added
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  • Nylon bag with durable zipper included
  • A wide range of bandages is included
  • Everything needed for a complete kit is included
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  • Handle can be folded for easy storage
  • Silicone handle grip to prevent slippage
  • Equipped with a ceramic burr for durability
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  • Made with top quality stainless steel materials
  • Handles easily folds out of the way for small storage
  • Designed to fit around most 1 liter bottles
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  • An anodized aluminum construction is used
  • The plastic parts are free of all harmful chemicals
  • Very long handle included to keep you safe
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  • Whole body is made from durable aluminum
  • Comes with quite a large surface area
  • Will hold up to 20 pounds maximum
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Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Motorcycle Camping Gear

When choosing the right motorcycle gear for camping, there are some definite dos and don’ts you want to familiarize yourself with to not overpack or set out unprepared.

Motorcycle Camping Gear: The Dos

1. Do Pack With a Plan: 

You should not only pack the heaviest items first but also position them low on your motorcycle, between the two wheels. Campers commonly pack them right in front of the rear tire.

2. Do Distribute the Weight:

As you pack the heaviest items, ensure they are evenly distributed to each side of the motorcycle. In turn, you’ll avoid the uneven pull on one side or the other.

3. Do Protect Light Items:

Pack the lighter objects higher up on the bike behind the passenger or rider to ensure they steer clear of the wind.

4. Do Keep Messes Separated

Designate a saddlebag for your dirty or wet clothes. After all, the last thing you need is them mingling with your clean clothes and other items. 

5. Do Be Prepared

Having a first aid kit and other emergency/backup supplies can come in handy when the unexpected happens.  

Motorcycle Camping: The Don’ts

1. Don't Bring a Mattress

Do not bring a massive inflatable mattress along for the ride as they are heavy and occupy a large amount of space.

2. Don't Bring Your Heavy Cookware

To drastically cut down on the weight you’re carrying, avoid packing heavy cookware. Invest in a couple of lightweight options or carry non-perishables and meal packets.

3. Don't Bring Cotton

Avoid packing cotton items as they are heavier, more susceptible to getting wet, take longer to dry, and don’t compress easily. Remember, the goal is to travel light.

Must-Have Motorcycle Camping Gear

We’ve rounded up the different categories of essential motorcycle camping gear that you’ll need to bring along as you embark on your adventure.

1. CruzTOOLS Outback'r Folding Metric Toolset

It’s a no-brainer that when you’re cruising on the road with your motorcycle, it’s prone to breaking down as you commute to or from your camping destination. Without a metric toolset, this can put a damper on your motorcycle camping adventure.

Therefore, the CruzTOOLS Outback'r Folding Metric Toolset is a worthwhile investment to include in your camping gear list, along with other essentials. If your bike breaks down, you can stop by the side of the road, repair it, and you’re good to go.

It comes with 14 handy tools packaged in a portable and compact 9-ounce unit. They range from 14mm, 13mm open-end wrenches, two screwdrivers, 4 hex keys (6mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 4mm), and three-spoke wrenches socket driver with 12mm, 8mm, and 10mm sockets. 

2. AMK Ultralight And Watertight .9 Emergency Medical Kit

The sad truth is that most motorcycle accidents are unforgiving and require immediate attention. Here’s where an emergency medical kit such as the AMK Ultralight and Watertight .9 comes into play.

Designed to address the needs of motorcyclists in the unfortunate occurrence of self-injury in grisly road accidents, this kit comes with supplies that address catastrophic trauma, minor fractures, and the ability to safely secure the scene.

It has wound closure strips and an irrigation syringe, medications for diarrhea and stomach distress, wide elastic wraps and a trauma pad, Skin Tac topical, bandages, and Die-cut Moleskin. 

3. GSI Outdoors Javamill

Any coffee aficionado knows that the most ideal way of grinding coffee is via a burr grinder as it delivers unmatched consistency with a burst of flavor. As such, the GSI Outdoors Javamill burr grinder should be on your motorcycle camping gear list.

Its packable, foldable, and compact design makes it suitable for when your taste buds cannot bear to sacrifice a delightful cuppa Joe.

Weighing 9.3 ounces, the GSI Outdoors Javamill has a silicone, foldable grip handle and a durable ceramic burr. 

4. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot

Just as the name suggests, a stainless steel pot/cup is built to fit around most 1 liter bottles and doubles as a pot, ushering immense convenience to bring along on your motorcycle camping adventures.

Featuring folding handles that make the storage and use a breeze, sturdy stainless steel construction, an 18-ounce capacity, and weighing only 4.9 ounces, the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot is perfect for motorcycle camping. 

5. Primus Long Spoon

If you decide to include a couple of lightweight cookware on your motorcycle camping gear list, then it’s a no-brainer that you need a long spoon. It’ll make the stirring of boiling liquids and scooping food from bags a walk in the park.

With that being said, the Primus Long Spoon that’s constructed from anodized aluminum and is free of BPS, phthalates, and BPA, will give you value for your money. 

6. GSI Outdoors Micro Table

Perfect for camping and backing, a sturdy micro table is a must-have for outdoor adventures, including fishing, BBQ, hiking, and picnics. As a multi-purpose item, it doubles as an off-the-ground eating service and stove deck.

As the perfect combination of practicality and mobility, the GSI Outdoors Micro Table has sturdy aluminum construction, can hold up to 20 pounds, and weighs 27.3 oz. With a dual height of 4 1/8" or 6 1/18," it can neatly be tucked away in your backpack or tightly strapped onto your motorcycle. 

7. Barebones Cast Iron Kit

As an essential item on a motorcycle camping gear list, a cast iron kit ushers in the comfort of home-cooked, gourmet meals as you soak up the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

By investing in the Barebones Cast Iron Kit, you can whip up bacon, eggs, shrimp jambalaya, and other delicacies in the crock, allowing you to enjoy the experience wherever you take it. The set comes with handmade serving wooden trivet rounds that deliver a rich and authentic rustic feel and look.


With this extensive motorcycle camping gear list, you can now pack efficiently. As you do so, keep in mind that it’s advisable to select lightweight and compact items. Granted, we don’t scrutinize ounces as backpackers do. However, traveling light will undoubtedly make the trip easier on your motorcycle.

People Also Ask

We’ve rounded up answers to some of the most popularly asked questions regarding which items to include and how to create a more well-rounded motorcycle camping gear list for your next trip.

How Do You Load a Motorcycle for Camping?

Keep the weight balanced and down low from one side to another, as much as possible. Ensure you pack the heavier items in the bottom of the panniers, except those that you want easy access to without unloading other stuff for your camping trip. 

How Do You Stay Comfortable on a Long Motorcycle Ride?

To ensure comfort during long rides, you can stretch all your major muscle groups, such as the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, neck, groin, shoulders, and lower back, for a couple of minutes. You should also drink lots of water before and during your rides and dress according to the weather.

How Should I Pack My Motorcycle for a Cross Country Trip?

Ensure you prepare for emergencies by having a versatile toolkit for roadside repairs, a working cell phone, an emergency first aid kit, rain gear, and extra clothing in a saddlebag. For space conservation and to prevent wrinkling, roll your clothes tightly as opposed to folding them. It’s also a good idea to put liquids in a zip-lock bag to avoid leaks. 

How Do You Secure a Duffel Bag to a Motorcycle?

Simply grab a few odd lengths of rope and tie the bag in place across the rear of the motorcycle, ensuring that it goes through the loops that your duffel bag has. Furthermore, make sure you tie off each section of the rope to prevent the knots from coming loose. Having a few specialized straps that go on more quickly would also hold things firmly in place. 

Can I Use a Tarp as a Tent Footprint?

Yes! The tarp’s durability allows you to use it to safeguard the tent’s exterior against the elements. It can also be used to protect the bottom of the tent from ground debris. 

What Should You Not Wear on a Motorcycle?

There are some items you want to avoid wearing while on a motorcycle. Due to potential road rash, don’t wear a skirt or dress. Don’t wear dark clothing from head-to-toe for as much visibility as possible to car drivers. You should also avoid wearing sandals or shorts as they offer no protection against your motorcycle.


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